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If quality and service is your requirement Artel Rubber Company is your provider

Our Silicone has been specially developed, tested and certified to meet the stringent requirements for each industry that we supply. Our manufacturing facility, based in the UK is accredited to ISO 9001:2015. Our flexible approach to manufacturing allows us to accomodate and react to your urgent requirements from prototyping to full production.

Bespoke hoses

We are proud to be one of the few UK suppliers of silicone hoses that produce our hoses from start to finished in our own factory. This means we can cater our hoses to any desired specification you are in need of.

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Design / Prototyping

Extruded Silicone Hoses

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Non-Silicone Hoses

Silicone Hoses



Artel Rubber have been supplying the automotive industry for over 24 years. From one off orders for vintage cars, to full production capabilities, we not only run on schedules, but are one of the leading prototype manufacturers in the UK.  …

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Silicone Hoses in rail applications have become increasingly important over the past 10 years, with new coolants entering the market. Artel Rubber are the leading company for the silicone hose market for the rail industry. We have been supplying rail …

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Fully approved by the Ministry of Defence and BAE, we have been involved with numerous defence projects and production vehicles.  Working in such specialist markets, our design team, can quickly come up with solutions to issues that no one else …

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We supply a large range of Silicone hoses to the marine market, from a single hose for a fishing boat, to defence companies fitting out the newest destroyer on the market. We manufacture marine grade silicone hoses that do not …

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Formula 1

The Formula 1 teams we work with are the best in the world so they demand the best.  One of the premier forms of racing around the world since 1950, the industry is constantly evolving and we provide the engineering …

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Food & Pharmaceutical

Artel Rubber holdings is the leading food and pharmaceutical silicone hose manufacturer in the world. We ship our silicone hoses worldwide, from China to the USA and our customers rely on us to produce hoses that meet their specifications and …

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Bus and Truck

At Artel Rubber, Commercial vehicles come in many different shapes and sizes, and we were one of the first in the world to develop OAT (Organic Acid Technology) hoses for our clients. We are the leaders in the field in …

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With many hose applications, Agriculture has to be the toughest. Our range of hoses are trusted worldwide by the biggest names in the industry. We ensure the highest quality products reach our customers because we know that agricultural machinery is …

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Renewable Energy

The renewable energy market is a relatively new market for Artel, but which continues to grow. Our renewable energy range of hoses has replaced the traditional metal hose, as it is more cost effective, just as strong, durable as well …

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Industrial Engines

Industrial engines are are designed to improve performance and productivity.  Our industrial engine team, can design and develop the best silicone hoses on the market for any engine/coolant application. We support design and deliver to your requirements, offering a prototype …

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Artel Rubber performance silicone hoses are used in various motorsport applications. We do not buy cheap grade silicone from China or India, we manufacturer our hoses in our UK factory, where we can be 100% sure our quality is the …

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