About Us

Artel Rubber Holdings Ltd has been in the Silicone hose business for over 20 years. We were one of the first companies in the UK to manufacture silicone hoses. From our inception, we have grown from two people to a team of over 40.

We are based in our own 18,000 Sq foot factory in the midlands, giving us access to all major road and rail networks throughout the UK.

Artel Rubber exports 65% of the products it makes, to countries like China, Australia, USA and many countries in Europe.

We have a broad range of customers, from small engineering companies to large multinational corporates. Our aim is to provide an amazing service backed up by technical brilliance.

We control every aspect of the build process, from calendering our own material to handbuilding our own hoses at our factory in Alcester.

Artel has made it a goal to bring efficient manufacturing back to the UK.